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    Many of us remember a mom, aunt or grandmother that used to put up jars of pickles, beans, fruit, or make jam. But today for reasons unknown to us that’s no longer so. With microwaves, ready mixes, and take-out foods most of us have become addicted to “instant” foods. Maybe it’s that no one is willing to do, has the time or thinks it’s too hard.  It’s not hard.  If you can boil water and use a timer you are able to can.

    Out of my passion for cooking, gardening, and wanting to create a piece of my childhood I stumbled upon canning for storing food that yielded tasty results even years down the road.

    This passion slowly became a business idea and decided to try my hand at running my own business after being downsized from my corporate job as a sales engineer.

    Today Frank’s Pickled Peppers has come a long way with a diverse customer base from our website, farmers markets, vineyard events, street fairs and holiday craft shows.

    My Story:

    While pursuing my bachelor’s degree at NJIT I supported myself working in restaurants and worked my way up to working as a line cook, expediter and trainer. One of my cook duties was creating and preparing employee meals for staff. I often created meals that were not regular menu items created using on hand ingredients.

    After graduating college I left the restaurant business to pursue a career in engineering and sales. I may have left the food business, but food never left me. I continued to cook preparing most of our  meals at home and enjoyed using fresh herbs and vegetables whenever possible.

    When my wife and I moved into our first apartment every spring I would create a container garden on our balcony growing culinary herbs and vegetables. At the end of the growing season found  myself filling our tiny freezer with containers of pureed vegetables. I knew there was a better solution.

    After moving into our home I began experimenting with canning as an alternate solution to preserving the season’s bounty. Initially I made tomato sauce, salsa, pickled roasted peppers, and  sweet pickle relish.

    In 1999 I completed 27 hours of culinary training in Italian cooking. Below is a copy of my certificate


    In August the Middlesex County Fair comes to the East Brunswick fairgrounds.  One of the fair attractions is the home arts competition run in conjunction with the local agricultural extension center. Anyone can submit their culinary creation according to the guidelines to the Home Arts competition. The judges award ribbons to who they think are the best entries. I figured why not enter my products. Much to my surprise my products won ribbons during several years of competing. Below in a listing of our products that won:

    * Mild Salsa

    * Sweet Pickle Relish*

    * Sun dried Tomatoes in Extra Virgin Olive Oil  with Rosemary *

    * Roasted Bell Peppers *

    * Bread & Butter Pickle Chips *

    * Sweet & Spicy Salsa *

    * Ball Canning Co. ran and judged a national competition and my Sweet Pickle Relish won 2nd place!!! *

    The picture below shows the ribbons we won over the years. I also won ribbons during the same period for vegetables I grew in my backyard garden.

    In 2011 I launched my canning company naming it Frank’s Pickled Peppers I won awards for my pickled peppers. In 2013 we began  producing pickled vegetables and participating in farmers markets. In 2014 I performed canning demonstrations for a class at a local culinary school and our chutney won rave reviews. We expanded to canning pepper jams, flower and herb jellies. In 2015 I taught canning classes for the South Brunswick Evening Adult Education program.


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    Frank’s Pickled Peppers is located in central New Jersey, also known as the “Garden State”. Our location provides easy access to locally grown vegetables. Our products are available through our Shop page, farmers markets, winery and other special events. Please visit our Where to Find page or join our list on our Home Page to receive our newsletter.

    Frank & Beth  Schlesinger and the Frank’s Pickled Peppers team.

    Frank’s Pickled Peppers, PO Box 241, Dayton, NJ  732-735-3445


    Artisanal means made by hand, in small batches, with superior quality ingredients, by a craft person. Artisanal businesses are described as still bearing the hand and the heart of their originator. They are small by definition, dedicated to high quality and high flavor. Please visit  Frank’s Pickled Peppers Recipe Page for a collection of  recipes for creating dinners, appetizers and dips using Frank’s Pickled Peppers Products.


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