•    Eat More Peppers For Good Health   

    Many world cuisines use peppers. They come in spicy and Franks Pickled Peppers Eat More Pepperssweet and in a variety of colors such as red, orange, green yellow and purple.  Each color has it’s own unique nutrient characteristics. Red peppers contain lycopenes, lutein which is known to be beneficial for eye health, beta carotene, and also a rich source of vitamins B6, C, and A.

    Benefits of Chile Peppers

    Chile Peppers have an active enzyme known as capsaicin. The highest concentration of capsaicin is found in the white pith of the inner wall of the fruits where the seeds are attached. Capsaisin is a natural antioxidant. Capsaicin is also used as a pain and arthritis reliever sold as topical pain creamFranks Pickled Peppers Eat more Pepperss, ointments, and skin patches. These pain creams are also used to treat psoriasis as an effective way to reduce itching and inflammation.

    Capsaicin causes a burning sensation when it comes in contact with mucous membranes and in high enough concentration can cause a burning sensation on the skin.  It’s commonly used in food products to give them added spice or “heat”.  Next time you eat something that is a little too spicy for you, try drinking milk or eating products containing sour cream. They are highly effective at relieving the burning sensation. This is why when you dip hot buffalo wings in blue cheese or ranch dressing the burning sensation is greatly reduced.

    Research has found that chile peppers may increase metabolism and curb appetite which are benefits which may help with weight loss and regulating blood sugar levels. Capsaicin is also known to relieve migraines, sinus headaches and help fight sinus infections. The American Association for Cancer Research reports studies suggesting capsaicin is able to kill prostate cancer and lung cancer cells.

    Next time you have achy muscles, arthritis pain, itch, or your sinuses start acting up, relief maybe in the form of chile peppers.

    Measuring the Heat in Peppers

    The Scoville scale is used as a measure of hotness or piquancy of a pepper. The number of Scoville heat units (SHU) indicates the amount of capsaicin present. So if you want to find out how spicy different peppers are you can view by clicking here which will take you to our Scoville page.



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